Loving you my dear friend.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Advice from my favourite Sheikh, Omar Suleiman.

Ramadan is a month in which the believers bond, but have you found your blessed companion? And no I don’t mean a spouse 

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Among Allah’s servants are people who are neither Prophets nor martyrs, but whom the Prophets and martyrs will deem fortunate because of their high status with Allah.”

They asked: “O Messenger of Allah! Tell us who they are.”
He said: “They are people who loved each other for Allah’s sake, without being related to one another or being tied to one another by the exchange of wealth. By Allah, their faces will be luminous and they will be upon light. They will feel no fear when the people will be feeling fear and they will feel no grief when the people will be grieving.”

Then he read the verse: “Behold, on the friends of Allah there shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.” (Abu Dawud)

The friends that you make solely for the sake of Allah are beyond special people and there is no time easier to make that friend than Ramadan or Hajj. Perhaps it could be through sitting with someone you never really connected to before at the time of iftar, doing I’itikaf with someone in the last 10 nights, someone who is with you on some Ramadan committee, etc. But Ramadan definitely provides a unique opportunity to make new friends for the sake of Allah.

The reason this is crucial is that many of us discovered religion later on in life and were forced to either let go of other friends, or make some of our previous affiliations tolerable. But rarely do we actually make and maintain bonds solely for the sake of Allah. Friendship is meant to provide a certain sense of relief and comfort. When that “relief” and “comfort” is none other than Allah, then guess what happens: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Allah will ask on the Day of Judgment: ‘Where are those who loved each other my sake? Today, on a day when there is no shade but mine, I shall shade them with My shade.” (Muslim)

In essence, we form bonds of friendship to “shade” us from the inherent “heat” of the world’s unpleasant nature. For the believers, we form those bonds under the shade of Allah to shade us in this world from the world itself. And so on the Day of Judgment, the shade of Allah which protected those friends from corruption and disobedience will once again protect them, but this time from the greater trials of that day itself.

So try to scout someone this Ramadan that you’d love to have as a friend for Allah, OR if you’ve already got that person, reaffirm and strengthen those ties with them.



Please do share to remind others, JazhakAllahukhairun, Apple.


4 thoughts on “Loving you my dear friend.

  1. One of a very close friend for mine follows the principles of Islam and he has been telling me about such beliefs. It feels wonderful that how religion promotes spiritual well being and compassionate wisdom in human beings. Happy Ramadan my friends and thanks for sharing this blissful article 🙂


    1. Hello Alexa, thank you, I am really happy that you appreciate religion in the way that you do. It truly is a befitting way of life for everybody, and anyone that has tried hard to discover it will feel the same way. Just as it has done good for me, I want it to benefit all of humanity, so I will continue to do my best. Otherwise please do take part in the spiritual essence of Ramadhan with your muslim friends. Take care, Apple. 🙂


  2. Hey Apple, Thanks for the kind response! I think we get that ‘honest’ and ‘strong’ feeling with the virtue of religion. It is indeed the blessings that makes us strong; some realize and some fail. I enjoy the spiritual essence of Ramadhan with him. I feels good..Peaceful..:)


    1. You are very welcome Alexa. 🙂
      Everything you have mentioned is very deep and touching to the heart. I believe that contentment comes from appreciating those blessings, and loving God, and we build our relationship Him through this sense of gratitude. I am genuinely happy you are involving yourself spiritually during this blessed month. There are only a few days left of Ramadhan so make sure you make the most of it! Hope you are well and thank you for your wonderful and thoughtful messages. God bless you, aameen. Apple 🙂


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