Our pre-Ramadan Dinner Event, my Video and my Hand-made Jewellery.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Our pre-Ramadan Dinner Event, my Video and my Hand-made Jewellery.

Just over a week ago, dear Sultanah Parvin (http://sultanahparvin.wordpress.com/) and a colleague of hers hosted an introductory sisters event directed at 10-18year olds. Of course when I heard about this, I couldn’t have been more happy! I have wanted to what feels like for so long to introduce something local for our girls! So thank you my dear sisters (Or Affa as I call them) for finally going ahead with this. The plan is to now run workshops for the girls, so please do make du’aa for all those involved.

So why is it important that we do this? Firstly it is important to be aware of the issues growing muslimah face. We all know how difficult the period of adolescence is, and being wrapped up in a country where 110% of their values and lifestyle clash with that of the muslimeen, doesn’t build up muslims to well, be the great muslims they can be.

Unfortunately, at only age 20 I have had a few personal encounters with those that have left Islam, or those that have become agnostic, and would much rather chase after the life of this world, as Allah swt says so clearly in His book. Somewhere along their teenage life something went wrong, but ultimately it comes down to them viewing the western way of living, as far more glamorous than the Islamic way of living…

Myself having been born and brought up in this country, I have had these struggles too. But I Alhamdulillah I have come to a stage in my life where my confidence comes from adhering to the Islamic principles. I love this religion so much, that life for me does not make sense without Allah swt and following His religion. Fortunately, I am not the only one who has come out of this struggle finding this light, so it is up to us to help guide these young sisters to also come out of their teenage struggle finding that very same light.

So to briefly speak about the event, it started with AJ reciting Surah Abasa. She chose this because Allah swt rectifies the Prophet saw for turning away the blind man, thus choosing the arrogant Quraysh leaders to spread the message of Islam to instead. It demonstrates how even the Prophet saw Himself made mistakes, and Allah swt would set his messenger aright. After which a sister was interviewed by Sultanah, to speak about her experiences growing up, sharing with the girls how she wasn’t particularly best of people, chasing this dunya during her teenage years, and how her travels to Palestine really had a huge impact on her life. Her take home message was that we can be ourselves. We don’t have to do this by trying to live a life our society portrays as acceptable, that we don’t have to try so hard seeking that acceptance from the people around us, rather it’s finding a quality that enriches the soul. We find that meaningful something, focus on that and find God through that. Because God has instilled within us an array of talents! We just have to discover it, utilise it, grow with it, and soon enough find that self-satisfaction, that self-worth, that self-confidence from doing the things we have been made to do and love.

With regards to my involvement within this event, here is what I will share with you. Firstly, it was required that I compile a motivational video, showcasing Muslim girls from all over the globe, highlighting their struggles, their beliefs, their achievements, their global support from the Islamic and the non-Islamic community, and proving to the world that no, we aren’t oppressed, that we women in all of our hijab, our niqab, practicing all of our Islam, in fact allows us to not only be happy and hardworking but to excel further and higher than anything else this dunya can offer to women! So here’s the link guys, I am finally going public with it:

Second thing were the stalls myself and Nazifa set-up, so that I could sell my custom made jewellery, and she her load of head scarves. Now, how successful were we, and what became of my debut? Head scarves were something we knew likely to sell, but I was anxious about my stock of labour, time, dedication and effort. But to my delight, people liked them! Females of a wide age range! Alhamdulillah! But considering our naivety in the world of business, and in general how rushed we were in our hectic weeks, we overlooked something very important… Change! So that was almost disastrous, but we learn from our mistakes.

So here are a few images showcasing my work.

Salaam Pendants


Charm Bracelets

The prices are as follows.

Item Quantity Price
Salaam Pendants 50cm £1.50
75cm £1.80
Necklaces 50cm £6.00
75cm £6.50
Charm Bracelets 4 charms £7.00
5 charms £7.50

And lastly but not least, (I’m not entirely comfortable mentioning this, but for promotion sake) this is all feesabilillah! A 100% donation policy, I do not profit from my hand-made items whatsoever.

I currently have hopes to carry this on inshaAllah, so with regards to the cause, that would be something that would change as time goes on, but no doubt a notable cause you would all be satisfied with inshaAllah! 😀 So if there are any events I could set-up a stall, please get in contact with me, via my Facebook. (www.facebook.com/apple1924).

Otherwise don’t forget to make du’aa for the blessings from God to be bestowed upon all of the projects we have planned, aameen. 🙂

I hope this was beneficial, otherwise please do share/promote my work. JazhakAllahukhairun.


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