Learning to put my family first.

If there’s one thing I love speaking about, it is family dynamics. I haven’t publicly written much about it, maybe because it’s a bit too personal, but there’s so much I’ve learnt in my relationships with my family members, which I really should share with you. For there has been so much I’ve been able to do. So many tears I have been able to shed. It’s really made me grow as a person, prepare me for what is yet to come. I’ve struggled and I’ve strived, and the cycle goes on. I understand more of what my parents have felt raising me. I put myself in their shoes, and see things from their window, and I learn to appreciate them. That cycle bears wonderful fruits, and I can feel grateful to Allah swt even more for them. My viewpoint towards my relationships changed a lot when my best friend died- the regret, it lingers. So I have managed to invest myself more into a lifestyle that requires me to take leaps of faith, be selfless, and put my family before me before it’s too late. So I’m learning, always learning what it means to give and be giving. Lastly, I hope God forgives me for all the times that I’ve hurt my parents, āmeen.



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