Perception of our wrong-doing.

How do we feel about the sins we commit? Our attitude towards a small sin could be that we don’t care about it that much, so we continue doing it. Contrary towards a major sin we could feel really bad about, so we stop it. What if it were the case that we feel really bad for the smaller sins we commit, and so we do try to stop it?

See what really matters is the attitude we have when we sin. The attitude we have when we disobey our Lord. Disobeying Him with the assets He swt has entrusted us with, such as backbiting, cursing, swearing with the tongue He has given us, or watching and listening to obscene things with the eyes and ears He swt has loaned to us, or dressing in a way He swt hasn’t prescribed for us. Recognising that it isn’t just about the act of sinning, of transgression- doing that which is in violation of our soul- rather that what we are doing is shameful in front of Allah swt and we care about that. We don’t want to disappoint Him. So we seek His forgiveness.

Therefore isn’t the reciprocal nature of sinning & repentance more about the relationship we have with Him? That sacred bond with the One who has created us? Shouldn’t we be more conscientious of that?



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