Better to have loved…..

You don’t realise it but often do you feel empty. Often do you feel the hollowness in your heart. So often do you seek to fill up those holes with every encounter, every laugh, every success and through every relationship. But very little do you realise that you’re always chasing. You’re always running after every possible thing to patch up those empty spaces in your heart. And little do you realise the reasoning behind those year long endeavours were all but due to a single thing. The very thing that gives your heart its life and true lasting fulfillment.

(Please do read the following post about Love by Sultanah Parvin).


Enduring relationships. Ones that cause pain, heartache, joy and elation. It would seem as though current Western culture, theory and indeed practice, lays a claim to full monopoly on knowing the ins and outs of such a topic. In particular , notions of love, unrequited, lost and also, enduring. Everywhere we turn, we are faced with reminders of how crucial a topic romantic notions of love specifically are. It holds centre stage in the psychology of many as being the ultimate core emotion which every human heart grapples with and its effects and outcomes on the human disposition is spoken of endlessly. You will notice I haven’t quoted a book, a song, a film or any other form of medium due to the mere fact that they are in fact too numerous and overwhelming to mention and one can in fact fill in the examples dependent on your own experiences and…

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