This world revolves around me.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Where do people get off feeling so entitled? I’ve seen it so many times that it’s beyond me. This idea of what I deserve, what I want, how dare they do that to me, they are wrong, how could they, etc, with no regards whatsoever to how I appear to others, how I have made them feel, what is my duty towards them etc. It’s all me me me. So if I am like this, can someone trust me to do well by them when the situation demands it? Do I put myself in the shoes of others?

No of course not.

Because I’m too busy thinking about how they have wronged me. I lack perspective, because I’m always rushing when finding the reasons as to why it happened.

So what should I really be doing?

What are we supposed to do?

Take off the cover, rid yourself of the blindfold, go a step back and your vision won’t be so focused on a single thing.

Everything else around it becomes clearer to see. You view that one particular thing in connection to everything else surrounding it. You understand that one particular thing in relationship to what it actually is, rather than what it could be, based on your personal world view.

That’s all it takes to not jump the gun. To see things for what they really are. Do that, you can pick your friends better, you can solve your problems with people better.

It will mean you don’t jump to conclusions and you don’t assume the worst and act upon it. It means instead of believing in the worst of what it could mean, you rethink your initial assumption and tell yourself “hold on, maybe this is why so-and-so happened.”

You’ll have countless eureka moments because you’ve taught yourself to holdback when you were about to jump into the fire. You didn’t get burned, because you waited for that fire to cool down.

So you don’t regret what you said, you’re not ashamed of what you did. Even if you assumed the worst for a moment, you gave that situation, that relationship, that individual a chance.

If you really love your brothers and sisters, your friends and humanity, then you will always try to understand them.

Wisdom isn’t difficult to practice. Act patiently and you’ll feel its benefits, and you’ll master it in one way or another. Don’t you wish to be wiser? Don’t you aim to be more like your role models? Don’t you want to be more like the wisest man (peace be upon him) who has ever existed?

I’m sure you know the answer to that.

Much love, Apple.

Do share if this was useful or could be useful to others. JezhakAllahkhair.


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