Thank you!

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

I recently sent a message to my contact list asking for feedback to my blog.

This is the message I sent:

Salaam guys, for those of you that read my blog, please answer the following if you can inshaAllah.

Firstly, how often should I publish posts on my blog?

Secondly, what would you like to see more of (based on what you may have seen already).
Such as:
•videos/articles shared from other blogs
•particular topics you would like my take on- this could also include the news
•any topic of interest

Thirdly, do lengths of the posts matter? Because I currently vary them from short-mid-long.

Thanks! This means a lot!

For those of you that responded, I would like to give you a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really liked how varied the responses were, and how much I could actually take from it!

You see, I’m not always sure about how useful or how relevant my posts are, and there are many doubts that creep into my head, hence due to these uncertainties I do get stuck as to what I should write about…

Therefore thank you for inspiring me! Please pray that I can continue to write qualitatively frequently enough & fight my ever-so-often writer’s block, in order that I can continue to inspire the people that come across my blog, God-willing.

Much love to you all, Apple. 😊

Also, if any of you ever wish to give me any more feedback, then please feel free to do so. Either by messaging me, or by commenting on my blog posts.

A few words of truth from the legendary Ghazali. 😉


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