Too many fools running rampant today.

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

“Silence is the best reply to a fool.”- Imam Ali (AS).

Tell me about it. Not just at points in which you feel you’re getting angry towards a ‘fool’ and you wish to save yourself the humiliation of losing your cool. Even amidst situations where people are just pitifully ignorant of everything about themselves, about other people, as well as all that is in the world about them, many a time the best response is to remain silent.

This isn’t the same as ignoring them. It’s making a firm choice to not say anything at all to them. Because regardless of what you say, the world view of many will be twisted in such a way that anything you say will not illicit the response desired from such a people. And this will sadly apply to the mass majority, where people come from a society in which the religious values of moral integrity, spirituality, and human understanding is not present amongst the generation where by our messed up societies brew pitiful youth as a result of an increasing number of dysfunctional families, where the mass media corrupts and encourages all sorts of atrocities, where the higher ups are a bunch of asses, not being a people of credibility, nor is their moral compass truly worth anything, as they continue being the animals they are- just how do we let them handle our affairs?

The worst are chosen to take care of us. For the youth have no real place to call a ‘family’ home, and undoubtedly, whether or not the family is dysfunctional, the new generations are dumbed down to the maturity and the intellect of shamelessness and disrespect.

I’m only 19 years old, and I’ve seen this on such a large scale in what’s supposed to be a ‘first-world’ country where our living style and mentality is sensationalised as tolerant, profound, modern and ‘developing’. It totally is of course, till those of us that live here stop to see what really goes on. Just look to the simplest of what goes on around you. It’s there alright. Take off the cover, rid yourself of the illusion, step out of your box. You’ll see it too.

That’s right. It’s a sad time we live in, where depression, paranoia, immaturity, disrespect both towards the elderly and women- actually no, disrespect towards just any one these days is on the high, so naturally there is to follow the alarmingly high incidences of sexual abuse and lone- parent households.

The cultivation of a people who lack dignity and integrity is thriving. Thus to conclude, there are just too many fools running rampant today.

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