Results day.

Salaam everyone! Since it’s the GCE results day today, I thought it would be worthwhile reblogging last years post on Results day. InshaAllah it’s a beneficial reminder to us all! Love you all, Apple.

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Apple's Blog

Well Ramadan is nearing towards it’s end, Eid ul Fitr is around the corner, and the A-level results day is taking place tomorrow morning. Here’s me starting off really boring, by stating the obvious. Anyways. Many people seem very stressed about it, and the impression I get is that some may feel as though it’s the end of the world for them. I’ll be honest with you, I feel sorry for these types of people. Because this reflects not only the great level of importance they give to things such as results day, it also shows how incapable they potentially will be, in regards to handling other issues in life.

What I’m saying is this that although things regarding your studies and career are not trivial matters, just the fact that you can give something like this so much importance, to the point where it becomes life and death, I…

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