Can I be wrong?

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

Throughout our lives, it becomes ever so easy to succumb to the evils of pride & arrogance. We become so fixated on believing we are the best, that we believe we can never become wrong, that we really do lose to the worse part of ourselves. It’s important to realise that it’s in fact wrong to believe you can NEVER be wrong. We’re human beings, we are called insaan which comes from the root word meaning ‘to forget’, so we are creatures that are always in need of constant reminders. Hence it’s in our nature to forget, & therefore sin, knowingly and unknowingly on a daily basis.

So don’t ever allow your self to believe that you will always be right.

Learn what it means to study yourself, to examine your behaviour. Think about how it is your actions could have made a person take a turn for the better, or for the worse. It’s not always about how people have made you feel, be more concerned about the weight, the gravity your own actions have upon others. Stop holding them against yourself, & understand what it means to hold yourself against them.

Learn to acknowledge your weaknesses, & humble yourself. Call upon God to help you better yourself, by bringing you closer to Him. You aren’t good by your own actions, you can commit good, as a result of God allowing you to do good. It was never ever because of you. If you achieved something great, if you mustered the courage to apologise to somebody, if you helped an elderly lady to carry her shopping bags, you were able to achieve such noble ranks of human kindness, only as a result of God allowing you to do those things. To have the heart to do those things. Do you see what I’m getting at?

When you achieve your top grades, it’s because God gave you your ability to study hard, to perceive, understand & remember your exam content. See, it was never about you, it was always about Him. If we understand that to be the reality, does it even make sense for pride or arrogance to step in?

Humble yourself before your Lord, & it will become easier for you to become modest in front of the people too. Go into realms within your own thinking, even the scariest parts of our minds, we would usually block out. It’s those things that we need to face to become better as people. If you’re struggling coming to terms with your own weaknesses, ask your Master to help you. He’s the only One who understands your suffering, who appreciates why you might block out a certain thing which you are afraid to face. And when you are able to face your inner and most darkest aspects to yourself, you will have reached a level of goodness, a level of contentment, a place in your life you have never been to before.

“Contemplation invites (man) towards good (deed) and its performance.” [Imam Ali (as)]

“An hour’s reflection is better than worshiping for sixty years.” [Hadith]

May we all be able to implement introspect into our lives, as a daily part of our timetables, Ameen.


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