Do not be sad…

20130727-044120 PM.jpg

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

We often have moments when we do feel negative, & this feeling can be overwhelming. To the point where it’s difficult to be happy about the good things when something has taken place, that has led us to feeling sad…

But in all situations, we should never forget the good, not the good in ourselves nor the good in others. Even when we are upset with people, still try to see the good in them, for then you’ll start to feel better about them too inshaAllah, & pray for them; that God betters that person.

For what one can do to you, they can do to many others, & as human beings we still care & want what’s best for them. Take our Prophet (peace be upon him) as an example, who cried for his people from today, 1400 years ago. So love people, even when they hurt you. And God loves all things beautiful, take every moment in life as an opportunity, the chance to become closer to Him, by responding with patience & wisdom. Lastly, don’t forget to be grateful for your blessings too, God-willing.


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