Beauty you admire.

20130727-010758 AM.jpg

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

There are not many, & probably only a few; a person you may come across every once in while, a special somebody whose personality you admire. With that personality comes with it attributes you love. That person becomes your role model in many ways, for that person may know what it means to work hard, to be selfless, to stand up for justice, to aim high, to tackle every obstacle that comes their way, to respect you, to care for you or to even love you.

And if God did not allow for this person to enter your life, you may never have known what it meant to work hard, to be selfless, to stand up for justice, to aim high, to tackle the obstacles that come your way, to have respect for others, to show care towards others or to even be able to love.

This is the needle in the haystack, a keeper of the attribute, & if you’ve come across this type of person even once in your life, then be grateful, & make the most of your appreciation by living up to the attributes of your role model. And thank Allah swt for bringing that person into your life. For ultimately you have become better through God.

This is Apple, sharing her feelings for tonight! Love you all, & for those of you who will be fasting today, I hope you enjoy your suhūr inshaAllah. Also, do take the time to remember those who are less fortunate than you are, remember those who are not with you anymore, & lastly remember the One who made you, the One whom you shall return to. ❥


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