So lose not heart ❤

20130727-064148 PM.jpg

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

Ageing, illness, death of the beloved, essentially everything that causes your hearts to shatter, remember our dear Lord tells us not to despair, not to become broken hearted.

Sometimes, we may ponder as to why we experience such misfortune, but perhaps if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have ever realised that we were never in total control of our lives, our bodies, & so we begin to call upon the One who is in total control, we may start to ask Him to better our situation, to replace our losses, or make us content with whatever it is that may befall us.

So, although at the start of the trial we may become distraught, if you can come out of it successfully, it goes to show you that you are better as a person now than you were before you entered the test. That you have gained a higher level of faith you have never achieved before you were tested, & most definitely you feel as though you’ve grown up (a little in the least), that your personality has developed.

That’s one category of people that our Creator speaks about in Surah Tahrim (Surah number 66), those that pass their tests with flying colours, are those that come out of it better than they were ever before, so things do work out better for them eventually.

And Allah swt knows best.

Love you all,
Promy Apple ❤


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