Beloved Grandma.

-Account by Thohura Begum

-Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim-

Asalamu’alaikum brothers and sisters,

Tonight was an ordinary night, the streets were quiet and I was doing the usual, slumped up in bed trying to do last-minute revision on chemistry. Everything seemed normal, we were all making plans on what we are going to do tomorrow, what are aims are in life, casually thinking away~

Till along came a phone call…The phone call that turned this normal ordinary night into a day that will be remembered every year. My Grandmother, who I spoke about to you loving people some weeks ago regarding her ill health have passed away tonight.

It was inevitable, she was at a stage in her life where her body which once stood defiantly, which once was able to hug you when you were in pain, which once had the capability to stay awake all night to make sure you felt safe from the nightmares, has passed away.

But what was most inevitable was her death. I have always had the quote ‘every soul will taste death’ said to me, but we also forget that not only will we all face death, but that death can happen at any time.

Since the time I heard her health has deteriorated, I was broken. She was the only grandparent alive. So when I heard she was gone, so would that part of me that was always eager to go Bangladesh, to go play fishing with my grandparents, to go and run across the fields with arms open to embrace the beauty of my country. So would that part of me, that loved sitting in scorching hot pavement with the sun shining above us, with all the ladies working together in harmony as we worked together and separated the dried leaves from the seeds. So would that part of me that woke up early in the morning, holding hands with the Grandmother as we fed the cows together. So would that part of me that became excited when she came to stay in our house in London, how eager she and I were to explore my home together.

Memories. That’s all I have now. Memories of my childhood, of a Grandmother who was a strong willed person, with a strong love for her religion.

However, Alhamdulillah I am doing well. I have shed tears, but Alhamdulillah I am doing okay. I have too, my Father is in more broken than I so I have to look after him. My mother is in tears as we all sit there cuddled crying and smiling at the memories of my Grandmother.

People say weddings and other happy occasions brings family together… I say that even the sad occasions brings a family closer, closer to Allah swt.

We become attached to many things in this world, whether it is love, family, parents, our favourite TV show, money, food. But then as Zain Bikha says ‘ you wont take it with you when you go’. Even our mother our fathers are a gift from Allah. So that when they are taken from us, we should think of it the way mothers in Syria are seeing it as, as their children die before their eyes their responses are ‘ they were a gift from Allah’. So my Grandmother was a gift from God. Alhamdulillah all I can say is that I am grateful I had this much time to know all my Grandparents since there are many who have barely seen their Grandparents when they were born. And most of all, I am Grateful for her to pass on the teachings of our religion down to my father, which went down to me.

So why waste time crying over their death when you can appreciate all these other things Allah has given you. Wonderful memories, having them in your life for this long, and he created us so it is to him we shall return, and My Grandmothers time had come.

But the important issue here is not her Death. No death isn’t a total annihilation, but just a passing from one world to another. So in fact what I should be doing is focusing all my energy in making Du’a and praying for my Grandmother. So I request you all, please make Du’a for my Grandmother, for this is when our job begins. To make du’a that it goes easy for her, that her days in the grave is of ease and comfortableness. May Allah grant this wonderful woman Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen.

Image by Candace Alper
Image by Candace Alper

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