I found my Love.

-Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim-

I’m too close,
For all I see,
Is all that’s in front of me.
Nothing from behind,
Importance not seen by a blind,
Because I’m too close.

I can’t focus,
A lens broken.
That’s the token,
Of disobedience,
He asks for obedience,
I struggle to focus.

Dear Lord I sinned.
But I changed for love,
Sincere for the Above,
Longing for my reach,
To You I beseech,
Forgive me, I sinned.

You’re my freedom,
Because I’m Your slave,
I try to behave,
In my bereavement,
You tell me “be patient”
I hope for My freedom.

I am enslaved,
The reason I suffer,
Wish I were tougher,
But that won’t change,
A way deranged,
To You, I should feel enslaved.

So take me away,
Bless me with real eyes,
So I can realise,
All that I need,
To live by the Creed,
You’re taking me away.

Are You my love?
The Unbreakable Handhold.
The only Support to Behold,
Everything nothing else can.
The One with the Plan.
Of course You’re my love.

Do I need be distressed?
When You pave the way?
To save me from the fray?
Why else do You do this?
So I’m led to Eternal bliss?
Then I need not be distressed.

The lens was misplaced.
But now I can focus.
But remind me to focus.
Because I have my Love,
I have always had my Love,
Just had to find the lens I misplaced.

20130514-121809 AM.jpg
Image by wallpaperpin


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