False Heaven.

-Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim-

I once had the best,
The most enchanting and most wonderful,
But even that was lost,
When love had reached its peak.
I struggled and I strived,
With a heart starved of soul,
For I reached out for that best,
With arms that could not reach.
I no longer look up,
To a sky that brimmed hope,
Instead I look down,
As the walls close in,
With no window to see a light,
There really was no hope,
There I lay,
Frail inside my prison cell.

I wake up, I think.
That I don’t want to live, what should not be the dream.

So I look into my past,
To retrace my steps.
I see,
That there I was swept away by the stalk,
Lavishing my ride,
Enjoying the wind,
Until it no longer holds on to me,
Falling into a sticky web,
Seeing only that which was in front of me,
Reminiscing the moments from that exciting wind,
Even though I was soon to be destroyed by the owner of that web.

How blind must I have been,
To not see how I fell prey,
To the predator called attachment?
How foolish must I have been,
To not see how attachment could kill me?

How could I have ever acknowledged attachment to be that best?
When attachments that form from an imperfect world, can never satisfy the creation that was born to be fulfilled by perfection?

I’m no longer in deception,
As I’m no longer living the dream.
For I don’t look for heaven,
In a world that is not heaven.

This is why I’m in a cell, for “This world is a prison for the believer and a paradise for the disbeliever” (Sahih Muslim).

20130413-042000 AM.jpg
Image by Louise Docker, Sydney Australia


4 thoughts on “False Heaven.

  1. Haven’t read your blog in a while but this is great. ‘for I don’t look for heaven in a world that is not heaven’ my fave part! Masha Allah Well done xx


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