Your legacy: are you worth being missed?

~Bismillahi’ rahmanir rahim~

From now on I shall start my posts by saying this, it’s something the Prophet (pbuh) would do whenever he wrote letters to continue the call of the dawah, so that Allah swt puts His swt barakah in to the writing.

So starting on tonight’s reminder inshAllah…

Okay, I think that one thing a person would never want, is somebody or a people losing respect in them.

SubhanAllah, I have come across people who I currently have no respect for, and that’s because of what they do, how it is they treat others, as well as some of the harsh ways they have wronged people. My best friend speaks of such people as ‘disgusting’ and I couldn’t agree more to be honest.

It’s sad because you show how shallow minded and catty you are, and you do these things for what? Laughs? Ego boosting? Fun? So it’s worth you stooping to such low levels because you thrive on these moments, even when it means you are seriously hurting somebody in the process? I don’t see how that isn’t far off from being disgusting!

Remember, even if you continue to live this way, and even if other aspects of your life demonstrate that you are ‘succeeding’ in life, in that you are still moving up the career ladder, or the up the social ladder, despite the atrocities you’ve committed towards others, know that you’re NOT actually getting anywhere. You may feel okay as you are living, and as you ‘enjoy’ the moments that come to pass, but when you die the first thing that people are going to think of, is how you treated them.

So people won’t think of your status, your intellect, your position, your degree when you die. When you remember a deceased person, do you think about how wealthy they were? Or do you instead remember how they either gave or didn’t give their wealth to the poor?

What I’m explaining is, your behaviour, mannerisms and attitude weigh much more heavily than anything else you carry.

Funny isn’t it? I mean when you live people give alot of emphasis towards building their status, but when you die, that doesn’t even matter, and their qualities and characteristics matter much more instead.

So did you treat me well when you were alive? Or did you mistreat me? If you have mistreated me, have you sincerely apologised, in that I don’t feel hurt by you anymore?

I’d like to add that even if you have shared tonnes of good moments, as soon the ill-treatment kicks in, that is what the other person will remember the most, not necessarily the good moments before you turned whack. Also, it’s also not about ‘how long ago you have done something bad to somebody’ that will negate the ill-conduct you have let loose upon somebody. Yes, people should learn to forgive others, but human beings by their very nature are not built to forget these types of things, even if they do forgive you. Because all that time when you were enjoying picking on and torturing an individual to massage your ego, the hurt you’ve caused to them, will scar them, and influence them to be built in such a way that they are not maximised towards being the best person they can be, rather these victims become less trusting of others, have low self esteem, and they find it extremely difficult to get back up. Shame on you. The least you can do is sincerely apologise, even if it’s weeks, months or even years later from now. It’s better you apologise before they die, and remember, none of us know when we will die, so don’t become apprehensive about it, or you may lose your chance.

Another point to add is that, don’t try to justify yourself, in that you were perhaps bad to only ‘a few’ or even just towards one individual. That’s still not good enough. Even if your track record shows that you treat most people nicely, however there was that one person who you’ve wronged, that is not an excuse to allow yourself not to make amends.

Hmmm, so I wonder, what legacy will you leave behind?

One where you have excelled in the academia, the arts, the career ladder, all the while hurting others along the way because you feel it’s okay to do so, so long as you’re safeguarding your interests, you selfish little thing you? Or are going to start understanding and valuing the gravity that’s present whence interacting with others?

You choose. Live selfishly, and leave behind a ‘legacy’ where no body thinks well of you, where people don’t care about you; even your own friends who are like you and with you, can’t honestly say they respect you, the only thing feelings they have with you is that of emotional attachment and therefore loyalty, not the truly meaningful things such as admiration and real respect; or will you leave behind one that shows that you are a human being that’s worth being missed?

Know, the relationships we form with others are sacred, that’s independent of how strong a relationship is, so even if they’re tiny bonds, such as the bond between the shop assistant and their customer it’s still sacred.

Anyways, this is Apple, sharing a reminder for the night!

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, sweet dreams inshAllah!

🙂 ❤

Image from diaryofafacebookaddict.


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