Living the lie: friendships.

It’s much easier to fall in to the realm of living a lie than living by truth. You live a lie in that you use your mind to justify how it is you should live, with no regard whatsoever to the truth.

For example, you use it to choose your friends; so whether or not they are male or female; or how good they’ll be for your deen and akhirah; how it is you decide your position as a friend and possibly from a dawah perspective, so will you be teaching them, guiding them, accompanying them, or learning from them? Or are you simply there out of an obligation stemmed from a long-term friendship? Does Islam even matter when it comes to choosing your friends? Or do you choose them based on a cost-benefit perspective? So if they have a similar sense of humour as you, if you share a similar music taste, the same hobbies and interests; if it were the case that you hold no common interest with them, would you still be their friend? If you’re there as a support figure, how well do you support them, and what have you used to judge that?Know that help and all other goodness is from Allah swt, that He swt is a changer of hearts, so where you help and support others based over a cost-benefit perspective, or over other bounds such as the bounds of halal & haram, if you go in to the bound of haram,

a) is your help sincere,

b) is Allah’s Barakah going to be present in your support? If not, then how meaningful and purposeful was that support? Have you really helped them with their issues? Or are your words and actions empty because you transgressed (you went over your limit, I.e. you went in to the bound of haram)?

A car doesn’t run without its fuel you know, neither will your support if it lacks sincerity, where Allah swt won’t bestow His swt blessings into your efforts.

So when I say you live a lie, can you see where it is I am coming from? That justifying how you live based on nothing credible, is lying to oneself, because you’re not being true about how you should live.

Or maybe what needs to be questioned is if the human mind is fit enough to rely on itself to make decisions?

Allah swt says in Surat al Asr, “By time, verily man is in loss, except those who believe and do righteous deeds, and remind others of the truth and of patience”.

When we’re born, we know nothing. We’re very needy and unaware of very many things. It’s silly to rely on your self to base decisions on how it is you live your life. Relying on yourself hence using your mind will mean that you’ll always be at a loss. And hey, this isn’t even me saying it, Allah swt says it Himself.

Anyways, sweet dreams inshAllah~
♥ 🙂

By Carol Werner




2 thoughts on “Living the lie: friendships.

    1. Oh my dear dear Hodon, I am so happy that we can help each other so much just by saying sincere words to one another Alhamdulillah.
      Love you very much. ❤


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