Slavery: Can you argue you’re not at a beckoning?

I want to speak about a concept, subjective to slavery. The logic behind this idea is something that anybody should be able to agree to, so this isn’t subjective to just Muslims.

So, slavery by definition is not having the freedom to do what you want to do, and doing that which the master wants you to do. When we’re born, we have organ systems working inside our bodies; we did absolutely nothing to get these bodies, rather that it was given to us and therefore we’d be incredibly stupid to take our bodies as our own. Because we’re at the beckoning of something that gave us a body.The things we buy, we would claim as our own, but think about it, it’s not actually yours, and why is that the case? Because you had the MEANS to go buy that which you call yours. So you had the ability to work, in that your body was functioning well enough for you to earn, so that you were then able to buy that which you now deem to be yours. So if you we’re unable to work because you are brain dead, then you wouldn’t be able to get it. On top of this, the thing you buy was there because it had the means to be there; meaning you didn’t put that there, nor did you create it. So again we’d be stupid to claim things to be ours as it was given to us, just as our bodies were.The other thing is this that we have no control over anything. For example, we can’t control getting cancer, or becoming senile & weak at old age, the homework we’re going to get, the grades we will get, whether or not we’ll get to that interview, if we’ll get that job, or if the bus will be late tomorrow morning, if our house gets burnt, the list goes on man. See? We have control over nothing. Or even things that we have some level of control over can at any time go away. For instance you can control how you dress and what you wear, but a burglar could sneak his way in, and take your clothes away, and then you won’t be able to dress at all, let alone dress how you want! Even the things that are in your possession have a guarantee of leaving you. Just as my phone got jacked on a plane back to London last year.

So really we have absolute control over nothing. Not ourselves, not our ‘possessions,’ and not the events that play out on a day to day basis.

The mentality that is produced in the west is a ‘live your life, because you’re free, and you rule your world’, which is absolute shet, because life doesn’t last, nothing lasts, youth doesn’t last, and how many young deaths did we come across this year? On top of that, how can YOU possibly RULE your world, where you can’t even control if whether or not you’ll be diagnosed with cancer in a week, or if you’ll get a good lecturer for university?

In addition to that, our bodily functions aren’t under our control either, our heart pumps blood on its own and our intestines contract voluntarily, not because we tell it to. So the point I mentioned earlier about having the means to buy something because you were able to work, what made you able to work, if you weren’t telling your body to work properly?

So if you own nothing, that you do not own yourself or your possessions as everything was given to you, and that you have no control over what was given to you as well as what happens to you, then you are a slave. Because slaves have nothing, and are at the beckoning of something that HAS control over it.

So the question arises, who are we a slave to?

by beginningandend

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