A nasty trait of the human being.

One of the most nastiest natures of the human being is their ability to think the worst of others, and hence the even nastier actions that would then emanate from that line of ‘thinking’. (It’s not really thinking, because it’s so thoughtless; but in the sense that it still is an irrational thought, so therefore it is irrational thinking in the least). In amidst their ‘thinking’, they may say or do absolutely vile and foul things, and not once do they seem to have an ounce of compassion, mercy nor any understanding towards the other individual.

The reason as to why we humans are different from all other creation is because we are able to process thought. We have thinking. But unfortunately what can happen is that the level of thinking of the human being can sadly reach that of animals, in that the actions become instinctual and therefore for us irrationally emotional, rather than rationally thoughtful. True thinking doesn’t apply to people of the animalistic calibre, and this could apply to any one of us, some more so than others, given the situation is say at hand.

My advice to those that may be a victim to this, that as hurtful and painful it may be to be at the other end of this dreadful stick, please never ever take such behaviour personally. The problem lies with them, and their inability to empathise with others, as well as their ignorance towards the etiquettes of interacting with the people.

Please make dua that Allah swt softens the hearts of such people, and that He swt guides them. A friend of mine told me that this is what she does, and her reason for it was that “if they have the Guidance of the Islamic faith, then everything else becomes set”, meaning their line of thinking isn’t inclined with mere instincts and emotions anymore.

This is Apple sharing her thoughts for Fajr time.

As Salaamu alaikum wa rahmahtullahi wa Barakahtuhu~

20120810-042916 AM.jpg
Image by Charlesyarbrough


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