Is Islam an outdated religion?

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu my dear brothers and sisters.

I believe we are around 18 days into Ramadan, I can’t believe how fast this Ramadan is going, despite the lengthy days. Well I hope that you are all spending your time wisely, and feeding your soul as much as you can, so that you are prepared for the following 11 months that are to come inshAllah.

Okay, so today’s topic. I originally thought of writing about this particular topic as I remember a friend of mine telling me early this year that “times are different, such that Islam isn’t suitable for the current days and age”. I think it’s a statement that many would admittedly agree with, and thus not only do we not urge for the implementation of Islam in our lives, we do not call for it’s implementation for others either, others being muslim or non- muslim.

What I’d like to address first of all is the human problem. There have been psychologists and sociologists throughout the 19th and 20th century, such as Alfred Weber, Sigmund Freud and David Émile Durkheim, who through empirical testing aimed to find what the human problem was. They concluded that the human being is comprised of instincts such as the earning of wealth, procreation, aggression, worship etc. Even after their extensive research, they couldn’t come to a solid consensus as to what the human problems were. They figured that some instincts have been confirmed from their studies, whilst there are others that are yet to be found, and this is how the thinkers of the west attempt to depict the realities of the human being, in order that they may understand the human problem. Note that what they were studying are these instincts of the human being, which is irrelevant of time and place.

Now I would like you to consider how it is Islam views the human being. It too views the human to be comprised of particular instincts, them being procreation, survival and reverence. Men will always find that they are attracted to the opposite sex, and vice versa with women. They too have procreational instincts in that they have paternal and their maternal instincts respectively. You’ll also find that people have a tendency to revere things. Even atheists do, believe it or not. For example, what you would find in Russia, an avowed atheist country, many statues of men built and displayed, in order that it may satisfy man’s need to look up to something “greater” than himself, thus you have men and women worshipping men such as Lenin, instead of the creator Himself. But even the youth of our secular countries, them be Muslim or non-Muslim, you’ll find that they revere and look up to singers and bands, footballers, actors and actresses, activists, philosophers, directors, writers, and all different kinds of people. Likewise the 7th century people of the Quraysh would make Idols out of dates to worship. Although the forms of worship may be different, if anything it has still been aroused by the human’s revering instinct. As for the survival instinct, you can see the many wars that have been going on in order that a country may have particular resources to survive.

What I’m saying to you is this that the instincts of man have never changed, and nor will it ever change. See, Islam recognises that the human problem is how we go about continuously fulfilling our 3 basal instincts. (It also instructs us on how to go about fulfilling these instincts, but that’s a topic for another day inshAllah). This has existed, and remains unchanged since the creation of Adam عليه السلام. So therefore no matter where we are in time, these instincts of ours, as well as this problem that we face will never ever change. And therefore we are no different to the people from 1,400 years ago.

So what actually changes throughout time isn’t indeed us, it is in fact the manifestations of how it is we go about fulfilling these instincts. So one may change their means to satisfy their reverence instinct by not worshipping God any more, but will still be agitated to worship in a different form, in that they may revere celebrities instead. Others may feel that the way they may go about fulfilling their procreational and paternal/ maternal instincts is by having relationships with people of the same sex, and then they may change their sex, and then desire to adopt a child.

Allah (سبحانه و تعالى‎) says:

“You will not find in the creation of Allah any alteration.”- Quran, Surah Fatir: 43.

So I conclude by saying that the human of the 21st century is indeed no different to the human of 1,400 years ago. And Allah’s (سبحانه و تعالى‎) book which was addressed to a people of 1,400 years ago, is also being address to the people of today. This will be the case until the end of time. I went to an iftar event on Friday 3rd August last week, and Brother Taji Mustafa said quite nicely that the Quran does not have an expiry date. SubhanAllah. 🙂

Anyways, This is Apple sharing her thoughts for tonight!

JezhakAllahkhair for reading, and I would appreciate your own thoughts regarding this post inshAllah~



One thought on “Is Islam an outdated religion?

  1. Islam is not just a religion as many of us claim it to be. Its in fact a lifestyle. It’s the way one is supposed to live. It cannot alter with the passage of time. It remains the same.

    We have made our lives difficult and we blame that the religion did not consider the people of this century. We are just satisfying our guilt because deep down we all know that real islam is for all centuries if followed exactly how it is supposed to.


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