Will you always be the same?

I think back to my life before, and when I think about how I used to spend my days, my weeks, my years so to sum it up, my ‘whole life’, I realised it was as though I was living just one week. Everything was repetitive, I was just living for the moments, doing silly and fun things, just because I got a kick out of doing the things I used to do. All in all, it never helped me with anything important. Right now, I don’t hang around with so many people all the time doing silly things, nor do I spend most of my time thriving for jokes, but despite living so simply now, I’ve truly had the most thrilling year of my life.

I don’t wish to out-rightly condemn those that do live their life based on completely trivial and unimportant things, it’s just not my style to tell people what to do. But I just wish to raise this point that if you feel like you are the exact same person you were a month ago, or 2 months ago, then I’m telling you right now that your current lifestyle, doesn’t actually help you build your character. And believe me, if you continue to live like this, where you simply live for the temporary moments your friends, family, school, college, university, workplace etc can give to you, then 10, 20, 30 or 40 years down the line you are going to be the exact same person you are right now. Don’t fool yourself and think that just because you have new friends, or that you’re now a year older than before, or that you’re now married with children, that you have actually changed, because believe me, slight societal or environmental changes doesn’t actually change the person you are, nor will it so simply build your character.

Either way, to live your whole life as just the same person, the only thing new being is that you are more experienced than before, isn’t anything great. That’s just boring, you are so not living the life, and no I do not deem the western idea of living the life, as actually living the life, but that’s a topic for another day inshAllah. You may think it’s okay to live in a bubble now simply because of the moments of laughter and what not your cycle of moments may bring to you, but you’re going to die one day. The people you know are also going to die one day. And believe it or not, you will answer to Allah (swt) about how it is you spent your time.

SubhanAllah, we are the most sophisticated of creatures, so we have the potential to do so much good. But that’s only if we allow ourselves to. Don’t do yourself the injustice of not using your mind, your intellect. I also think that it doesn’t matter where you are in your life right now, the fact that we human beings have the instinct to always want to better ourselves, that in itself should be enough for you to take my post seriously, and then after that it’s about knowing correctly how it is we go about bettering ourselves on a day-to-day basis, to live the daily thrill of enlightenment, and true guidance. InshAllah anyways, my dear brothers and sisters. 🙂

Anyways, this is Apple sharing her thoughts before the Taraweeh prayers!

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu~


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