Growth and repair~

Sometimes you may find yourself tangled in a web of events, to the point where you seem to be stuck there. You’re caught up between so many things in your life and it can get so overwhelming, that what you want so badly is a valid solution to your problems. When you can’t find an immediate solution, you come to realise that the most practical way to go about it, is by giving yourself some some space, and you keep yourself away from everything that’s bothering you, and therefore you go in to hibernation. You want to do the best for those you’re surrounded by, but you can only do that once you’ve sorted yourself out. You understand that your life doesn’t end there, and that you need to grow from things. Because of this resolve you also know that during the time in which you shed your skin, you’re going to untangle the webs that suffocate you, the threads of the past which haunt you, and during this time of maturation you remain patient and steadfast, because you want the upcoming change to be well grounded and enlightening. And once you’re clear of your old dusty skin, you break free in to a beautiful butterfly. And you can now continue on with your life in the ways in which you’d like, the only difference this time is that you’re spreading a new light because you’re a new you. A light that’s brighter than ever before.

Apple, my thoughts for today~


Photograph by eraser851


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