Enduring hardship.

Many of us know that God will never trial us with more than what we can handle. And we remind ourselves of this, especially during times of hardship, in order that we may keep on going. But how much of that statement do we truly understand? How much of it is actually implemented in our actions?

I have found that people say this, believe it, but when it comes to now dealing with their troubles, the mechanism they go by, doesn’t actually solve their problems. Such mechanisms may be that we talk to friends, recite the Quran, make dua, perform salaah, listen to songs, etc, which for the short-term, may help us feel better. However many a time we find that for days, months, and even years on end, that they still haven’t found a solution, that too by the same mechanism they have been using to deal with their trials in life.

What my point is that yes, God will never give us more than what our shoulders can bear, but if we still find that after trying to deal with it we aren’t content with our lives, that we don’t find peace within ourselves, aren’t you just showing that God’s test is actually too much for you? That in actuality, it is more than what you can bear?

What we need to understand about this statement, that yes, He will never give you more than what you can handle, but at the same time, we need to develop the correct mechanism of dealing with it, one that can defeat all of our issues, no matter how bad and immense they may be, one which helps us solve our day-to-day problems, the one that lasts a lifetime. If you see that you are having trouble dealing with your problems, in that you do not find peace within yourself, then there is something clearly wrong, or absent from this mechanism by which you use to deal with your problems.

God gives us such tests, so that we may also come to realise what the ultimate problem solving mechanism is. This is something comprehensive, so don’t fool yourself by thinking that only reading the Quran, or only making dua etc, will solve our issues. We have to understand what the deen of Islam actually entails, and why it is a way of life that understands us… I could go on, but for now please contemplate on this inshAllah.

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